Featured Fashion Designer: Cheryl Thomas

"You might fail, and even quit a few times, but just get back up and chase your dreams because it WILL happen."

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Tell us about yourself, why you are passionate about what you do, and your journey so far. My name is Cheryl Thomas, and I own a startup called Pintsize. We make baby/children onesies, designed by children, and part of our proceeds go to helping fund education for children in need. We want to encourage kids that they are never too little to do something big, and we do that by showcasing their work within ours! Our onesies are made of bamboo and cotton, and are super soft, has no tags, and they are also reversible (can be worn in 8+ different ways, so there is no wrong way to wear it, making it easy for mom to dress the child or the child to be independent and dress themselves.) We have no tags for children who have autism because research shows that tags cause profound discomfort and we want to appeal all children the best we can! What are your goals and how do you see yourself progressing in the field? We plan to continue using children's prints in our designs as they are our focus and we want to give back as much as we can. Selling clothes is great, but it's the impact that we have that is more important to me! How do you communicate with people? Are you patient? Are you friendly? How open are you to clients’ requirements? I am very open to the needs of my customers, and with each release, we plan to try to cater to their needs as much as we can. If your customers aren't happy, we aren't happy either! If you had to do it over again, what would you change? I actually had to start over 3 or 4 times, and I am finally happy with where the company is now. The only thing that I would change is finding a manufacturer in the U.S., but it was extremely difficult with what little capital we had. However, we plan to find a US based manufacturer and use them for our future releases! Who is your hero, and how have they helped you get to where you are? Jesus is my hero - I prayed and prayed and prayed, and I believe that Jesus is the only reason why I was even able to start in the first place! How important are creative education courses? Have you taken any, and did you find them useful? I went to school for graphic design, and it is because of those classes that I am able to create the images that represent our company and also work with the art the children give us and turn them into the seamless prints. Creative education courses are continuously being shut down within grade schools, and so part of our proceeds plan to go to help fund those classes. What's life without art and music? Do you have any tips for someone who is just starting out in the industry? Be VERY patient. I expected things to kind of just fall into place and happen from one day to the next, but that definitely wasn't the case. You might fail, and even quit a few times, but just get back up and chase your dreams because it WILL happen. Perseverance is KEY!

Photo Credits: Photpgrapher: Megan Tibbs Contact Details: Instagram: @Lovepintsize Email: cheryl2291@gmail.com


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