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We hope you enjoy our interview with Kelly Ann Volckmann.

What inspired you to start your fashion label?

Fashion comes naturally to me, it’s my favorite means of expressing myself and my creativity. It's funny because as a kid I actually used to hate anything that had anything to do with clothes, until I discovered online shopping and Myspace in my teens! I have always been fascinated by things and people that embrace individuality, fearlessness and have a touch of rock 'n' roll in the soul and I feel like I have successfully translated that into various brands. My fashion career kicked off when I started selling customized T-shirts on Marktplaats (a Dutch version of Ebay) around the age of twelve. At the age of fourteen I started my first clothing label with a friend. We used to sell our brand on Myspace under the name Electric Disaster Clothing. I went on to study fashion design & styling and graduated. I have always had a strong work ethic, this is something that runs in our family as my dad and sister are both entrepreneurs also.

Who is behind your fashion label?

Me, myself and I ha ha!

How many team members do you have right now on board?

For now it’s just me, but I have some friends helping me out with accomplish things I can’t do on my own. I am not a graphic designer for example, so I have a friend who helps me out with getting the designs digitalized.

What is the process behind creating new fashion designs and how long does it take?

For now it’s just me, but I have some friends helping me out with accomplish things I can’t do on my own. I am not a graphic designer for example, so I have a friend who helps me out with getting the designs digitalized.

What is your vision for your fashion label?

Kelly Ann Clothing stands for self-awareness and individuality. To be able to wear what you want, while doing whatever the F*** you want. People focus too much on what others think instead of allowing themselves to stand out and be their true self. You get one chance at this life, you’d better do you, instead of being the same as everyone else.

What are your customers' most favourite collections?

There’s only one collection so far, but our Never Again longsleeve is definitely a favourite with a lot of our customers!

What is your personal favourite collection?

I love them all, I won’t design something if I don’t personally love it with my whole heart. But the item I wear most often is my Icon cap (dad hats for life ha ha)

How did you discover a need for this type of product in the marketplace?

There are too many people wearing boring clothes on this planet, I would like to challenge them to be more openminded when it comes to fashion. Especially in Holland, individuality seems like it's something that isn’t accepted and is classified as something weird, but to me being average and normal is actually what's boring. There are a lot of fashion brands, but I want to be the one who has something to say. I would like to inspire people to discover their true individual potentials/styles and motivate that in them with my designs.

What has been the most challenging aspect of getting your brand off the ground and how did you overcome that?

The most challenging aspect is definitely the financial side, it takes a lot of money to get a company off the ground. But I just worked as many hours as possible and saved up a lot of money to make it happen. That’s the only way!

What are two aspects of business in which you believe a new brand should invest resources?

Social media influencers are really important in the fashion industry. These days you can get your name out there, and more customers because of an Instagram influencer than a TV commercial. You should really get a look at that and find out your target audience. -Delivering good services and quality is the main key to keep customers coming back for more. Depth over width, even when it takes a lot of time. It’s important to deliver things as good as you can.

What are the services that consumers can take advantage of from your company?

As I said before, my goal is as a brand to inspire customers to do their own thing no matter what others think. People will always have an opinion, so you might as well do whatever the F*** you want anyway.

Any pieces of advice for young entrepreneurs who want to open similar labels like yours?

Get yourself educated, read as much as you can about fashion, businesses and marketing. Also work hard, those who work harder than anyone else will never fail.

How do our readers buy your products? Do you ship internationally?

Currently we only sell at www.kellyannclothing.com and we ship everywhere a postman can deliver!

Do you collaborate with fashion bloggers? How do you collaborate with them?

Yes with fashion bloggers and social media influencers. I get in touch with them or they get in touch with me through social media or email.

Booking Information:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KellyAnnClothing/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kellyannclothing

Website: https://www.kellyannclothing.com

Email: kelly.volckmann@hotmail.com

Photographer: Mads Møller Madsen

Model: Aarom Bamber-Read, Cecilie Eline Bruun Jørgensen



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