Featured Model: Teimon Phillips

"It is very easy to describe oneself with terms such as “determined” and “fearless,” but it is a totally different story when you must live up to them."

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Please tell us about yourself. With one and a half years of modeling experience, I have encountered much more than the average model. It is very easy to describe oneself with terms such as “determined” and “fearless,” but it is a totally different story when you must live up to them. My dedication and determination to my career has been tested on more than one occasion. Whether I had to sleep outside in below freezing weather, sleep in a homeless shelter, or go without food and money, I always remained focused on my mission. In the end, I have always completed my mission. Although I have experienced many obstacles, they always seem to lead to major career milestones. I have been published in two editions of “Wedding Planner Magazine”. My completed runway shows range from events local to my hometown, Richmond, Va, to New York City for New York Fashion Week. I have attracted the likes of America's Next Top Model, BRAVO Tv Network, Wilhelmina Models, The Fashion Hero tv show, TIP "TI" Harris, Xotics by Curtis Smith, and many others. Outside of modeling, I am a professional athlete. I am a Wide Receiver with The Rivals Professional Football League (Pontiac Generals.) My hobbies include tech products (cellphones, tablets, computers and laptops, and wearable tech.) and social media. Who is your inspiration in life and how do you stay inspired? Looking back at my past career accomplishments is what inspires me to continue to strive. Realizing how far I have come is what pushes me. What is your life aspiration? I aspire to be an amazing husband and an amazing father and to provide for my amazing family! Tell me about a time you had to be very strategic in order to meet all your top priorities. During my time in New York for NYFW 2016, I had very little money. I had to travel to Manhattan from New Jersey each day. Because of my limited funds (about $10 a day), I had to plan out each day all the way down to every 30 minutes to be sure I maximized my networking efforts and to be sure I was able to make it back to my Airbnb each night.

Tell me about your proudest professional accomplishment. My accomplishment that I'm most proud of would have to be being noticed by and signing a contract with Wilhelmina! I sacrificed a lot just to make it to the call date and signing date! This achievement is currently my most prestigious!

Photo Credits: Teimon Phillips Instagram: @teimonphillips Contact Details: Instagram: @teimonphillips Email: teimonphillips@gmail.com



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