Featured Model: Yosef Kasnetzkov

"... when a photograph is taken, the moment and that model become immortalized."

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Tell us about yourself: Why do you want to work as a model? Why are you interested in modelling as a career?

I want to work as a model because historically speaking, it is one of the oldest art forms. I also believe that when a photograph is taken, the moment and that model become immortalized. Its something truly beautiful that I feel is often overlooked. I'm originally from Hawaii, grew up surfing and in the mountains living in a dream world. I was then blessed to travel the world as a teenager playing professional tennis. This gave me a phenomenal education and life experience.

How important is modelling education: Have you attended modelling courses? What related courses or studies have you taken?

I have never taken any modeling courses whatsoever. Just done my research online. :)

What do you think makes someone “fit” to be a model?

I think there is no specific look or need to be "fit" necessarily. There is art and beauty in everyone, we just sometimes need to wide our perspectives to see it.

What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progressing in this field?

I'd like to work and hard and often as possible. I can see myself getting more agents and booking higher profile jobs over the next few years.

What do you know about advertising psychology and photography?

I have a Bachelors in psychology and I believe I have an understanding of the basics of advertisement psychology such as what aspects of a feature capture the clients eye subconsciously.

How do you communicate with people? Are you patient? Are you friendly? How open are you to clients’ requirements?

I communicate with people on a daily basis and I think I'm very patient as well as friendly. Having traveled the world and getting the opportunity to understand cultures, I love people and appreciate all aspects of them. I'm very open to client requirements.

Do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym?

I try my best to balance protein, carbs, veggies, and fruits. But I do have a strong lifelong relationship with Taco Bell.

What is your dream role as a model?

I would love to be featured in a series that displays my home Hawaii and try to capture our mentalities in a series of pictures.

Do you have any limitations? How do you define your boundaries when choosing to accept a modelling request?


State your availability: Would you travel? Work full-time, part time? Any hours?

I would travel anywhere. I work part-time as a tennis pro and full time as a tv/film actor.

What is your most memorable experience so far?

My most memorable experience was probably my first photoshoot when I was 20. It wasn't paid and was organized with the cool local Hawaiian guy who just loved photography and shooting models. We met at this beach before the sunrise and it was still dark, I remember feeling so nervous but so excited.

Booking Information:

Instagram: @yo3ef

Email: kasnetzkov@gmail.com



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