Featured Photographer: Ralph van Hattem

"I aim to create portraits that tell a story, that come to life and that show personality."

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Please tell us about yourself. I could tell you right now which fancy and renowned educations and studies I attended in Photography, but to be honest, I didn't. I'm a self-thought portrait photographer who has a huge passion for culture, travel and faces. I photographed Etienne Boonen, a model for The Agent (BE) and Mitch Lodewick who is a great artist and performer (Finalist Dutch Idols '17). But not only do I photograph people that are well-known or people who know how to pose, but I'd love to photograph all sorts of persons. Therefore I see what makes a person beautiful and not if a persons's beautiful. I pay big attention to pointing out emotion and power in faces with contrast, light and black and white. This is the distinctive style I use in all my work. I aim to create portraits that tell a story, that come to life and that show personality. I am good in working with all kinds of persons from different backgrounds as am I able to communicate in a way that make somebody feel at place and comfortable during a shoot. That been said, I am a Amsterdam based portrait, advertising and model photographer. My work is seen on www.ralphontour.com as am I a contributor for Getty Images. Me, Ralph, specializes in: - Model shoot - Portrait photography - Black and White What do you do, and what is your passion in life? I'm a young theatre and acting student in Amsterdam. I'm 21 and have lived in London and Hong Kong. My passion is to photograph as much different faces as possible, and I'd love to point out beauty in all those portraits. Who is your inspiration in life and how do you stay inspired? I'm very much inspired by Jack Harries and Pablo Delfos. Their work is how I think photography should be done. But I'd have to admit, there are so many talented photographers out there, that I barely have seen a percentage of all the great and inspiring photographers out there. That is what keeps me inspired too. I would be honoured and flattered if somebody would be inspired by my work. Or if someone would say, that's a great portrait, I'll buy it for my house or something. So I would teach and teach myself all the thing that can be learned about photography to make sure I deliver the best work possible. What is your life aspiration? I want to be unique and I want to deliver something. Many people say, we have to leave this world better as of how we found it. I know it can sound a bit cliché, but it really is the most important goal in life. To be honest, we are close to leaving it worse as of how it was when I got here 21 years ago. So maybe my aspiration in life isn't photography, or art, career or money. It's doing all I can and more to not only live up to my goals, values, and vision but to make it a better place for the next generation. When you're working with a large number of customers it's tricky to deliver excellent service to them all. How do you go about prioritizing your customers needs? No, I believe you have to take the time to focus on every photograph to really see what makes that picture more beautiful than the other one. You can't rush that, you just have to work harder and longer. Tell me about your proudest professional accomplishment. Well, hopefully I get published in the Model Citizen Mag. That would definitely be my proudest accomplishment.

Photo Credits: Ralph van Hattem @rlphntr - Photographer Jeroen van Lokven @jeroenvanlokven - Model Mitch Lodewick @mitlod - Model Etienne Boonen @etienneboonen - Model Christel Heijting @cheijntingxxx - Model Contact Details: Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/rlphntr Email: info@ralphontour.com


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