Featured Make-up Artist: Daniela Fereira

"I've learned a lot in this process, I've met so many models, photographers, store owners, producers, and people that now I consider my friends."

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Tell us about yourself, why you are passionate about what you do, and your journey so far. Okay so I´m a 18 years old makeup artist from Venezuela who began this journey without even noticing it, I wasn´t really the makeup type of girl, which is a weird fact about me, actually the first things I learned about this world were actually with a Syrian friend I met in a english course, she introduced me to eyeshadows and eyeliner, a whole new world to me, which is funny because now this is what I do.

I was 16 when me and a friend I met in theater classes started to experiment with body paint and special effects and we decided to start a "something" together, we didn´t even know what it was about but we were just excited and creative about it and most important, we had the support of our friends and family. We opened an instagram page and uploaded photos of makeup we did on some friends, after a while we started to work with medicine students doing wounds, but we actually wanted something more like fashion and arts related. One day my friend (IG: theandrescolina) told me he wanted to become a fashion stylish and producer instead of a makeup artist and I was more into makeup than before so we decided to go on different ways, but together of course, I supported him with everything and w've done a lot of photoshoots together, he´s really good at it! and we support each other as if we were family. One year ago I got to meet three key people in my mua story, one insanely great makeup artist (IG: AmorAmorMua), and two amazing photographers that I really respect (IG: juanhernandez.r // IG: gavvphoto) I have so many things to thank to them that I´ll end up talking too much, I just want to say that without them I wouldn't have done anything like this, they taught me not only to become a better artist but to become a better person.

I've learned a lot in this process, I've met so many models, photographers, store owners, producers, and people that now I consider my friends, and besides having makeup to upraise people´s beauty, the most precious thing makeup has given me it´s a reason to fight for things, it has given me the feeling of self-worth and self-expression I needed, because I have so many things to say and to offer that I think I found out the most beautiful way to express it.

Makeup has become my passion and I don´t have a clear reason, it just got to me and I fell in love with it and I can't help having new ideas and thoughts of what I can do and where I can be, despite what my beautiful country is going through, because it makes me want to fight for it. Sometimes when you find the place you belong that becomes your reason to survive and to live, that´s what happened with me and makeup.

Photo Credits: Photo 1, 2, 3 and 4: Photographer: Andrea Cubillán (IG: andreapcy) Model: Daniela Fereira (IG: davaramakeup) Makeup by me Photo 5 and 6: Photographer: Andrea Cubillán (IG: andreapcy) Styling and production: Andrés Colina (IG: theandrescolina) Model: Amanda Martinez (IG: amandaveronica_m) makeup by me Photo 7 and 8: Photographer: Juan Hernández (IG: juanhernandez.r) Model: Albanys Aguledo (IG: albanysaguledo) Makeup by me Photo 9 and 10: Photographer: Julio César (IG: byjuliocesar) Model: Loredana Tulli (IG: loredanatulli) Styling and production: Andrés Colina (IG: theandrescolina) Makeup by me Contact Details: Instagram: @bydavara Email: davaramakeup@gmail.com

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