Featured Model: Alexa Heald

"I can only progress with continued determination and humility..."

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What are your goals and how do you see yourself progressing in the field? My true goal is to break into the industry so I can show the world my real potential and create breathtaking images I could never achieve alone or by staying in my small-town community. I can only progress with continued determination and humility- the worst thing an aspiring model can do is doubt themselves and stop trying because it starts to get difficult. If you want to even have a shot at success and achieving your goals, you have to know and believe in the awesomeness of yourself. Self-confidence in the face of denial is paramount! How do you communicate with people? Are you patient? Are you friendly? How open are you to clients’ requirements? I consider myself a friendly, bubbly, and professional person when it comes to communication. I know how to be patient, waiting 3 weeks to hear back from an agency, for example, only to hear I've been rejected. But even after that long awaited denial, you know what I do? I thank them for their response and time. They didn't need to write me back only to tell me no- they could've left me wondering forever, but they didn't, and that's something I greatly respect, and want them to understand that I respect. This industry is filled with critique, but it's also filled with respect and mutual understanding, especially between clients and models. When working with a new client, it's important to create raport so the 2 of us can communicate back and forth throughout the shoot. If I have concerns or questions, or vice versa, communication skills are vital. Personally, when it comes to client's requests, I am very open to suggestion- after all, I'm the one responsible for making their vision come to life, so whatever they want conveyed, I'm going to do my best to exude. Really, the only things I will not do are overtly sexual poses/positions. If you had to do it over again, what would you change? The only thing I would change is when I had my Polaroids taken. I waited a long time to have them taken for me, and so sent in professional photos from creative shoots (even some with lots of makeup or props!) to agencies at first, since my portfolio was small and options limited. I ruined my chances immediately by ignoring what materials they said they wanted, and only sending what I had instead. If I could've waited until I had the photos they specifically requested, who knows- maybe one of my 100 rejections would have been a yes! Who is your hero, and how have they helped you get to where you are? Cliche as it may sound, my mama is my hero. She's the kindest and most patient person in my life, and has treated me with nothing but love and affection. She's always supported my many aspirations and hobbies growing up, and when I told her I wanted to pursue being a professional model, it was no different. She supported me fully then and now, and I know she'll forever be someone I can depend on. How important are creative education courses? Have you taken any, and did you find them useful? I took acting and choir classes in high school, and loved them to death. They opened me from my shell, taught me basic public speaking and first impression skills, and opened up a group of other understanding creatives to me at the time. They're absolutely useful, and I'd recommend everyone in school take at least one for the sheer personal development, no matter how small, they'd take from it at the course's end. Do you have any tips for someone who is just starting out in the industry? Don't give up! I promise, even though you will be rejected countless times, that doesn't have any indication on you as a person. You're still a fabulous person, just a fabulous person who hit some rejection is all. The weak and unserious folks are the ones who will quit after a few denials, but the truly dedicated models are the tenacious bunch who can't get weeded out because we won't go away! All it takes is that one agency to finally give you a chance, and then it's gametime- if you're lucky enough to be signed, do your best, support other models, and make the most of your lucky break!

Photo Credits: Photographers: Patrick Morin (@patrickmorinphotography), Rebecca Lowe (@lowelightimages), Jim Jensen Contact Details: Instagram: @leckakay Email: akschnoblen@yahoo.com

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