Featured Fashion Designer: Riecee Siren

"I get confidence by seeing other designers translate their world and thinking onto fabrics."

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Tell us about yourself. At what age did you start becoming fascinated with fashion?

My interest in Fashion was cultivated by my music career. iWas absolutely in search of certain looks and wasn't finding what iWas looking for. Started with just glasses that iNamed "Sirens" so that it went along with my brand, as my Music Alias is "Riecee Siren". Then it slowly ventured out to A Full On Clothing And Accessory Brand.

How did you prepare for a career in styling?

It came organically by styling myself for gigs and videos. I'm so odd that it was natural for me to come up with out the box looks.

How do you stay updated on the current trends?

In a way, iGuess you could say iWatch the trends out of my peripheral vision but they don't completely shape me. In order to establish a prolific sense of style and fashion you kind of have to be your own trend.

How do you view Fashion Weeks?

Fashion Week is indeed a must see. I get confidence by seeing other designers translate their world and thinking onto fabrics. It's very liberating to see other liberal souls living out their freedoms.

What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself taking your designing career?

My dream situation would be to be Top Selling Artist while simultaneously skyrocketing my brand. Being the hybrid Rapper Singer that they didn't think existed while simultaneously establishing myself as a fashion force. Having people shop the exact outfit iHad on and it being my brand from head to toe.

What's the next step?

Keep connecting with Magazines and Blogs that take a interest in my creative mindset and just growing my brand. Truly believing that my "Misfit" brand as will organically grow and rise.

Name the top three things in your designing kit that are must-haves?

Gotta Have Glitter Gotta Have Sirens (glasses) iPersonally Love Hats.

Tell us your most unforgettable experience as a designer?

Probably the first time iStyled my outfits for a Fashion Show. It was so humbling an was a true epiphany moment. iNever realized all iHad made and accomplished until it was all laid out in piles and on hangers and paired up with glasses and hats and jackets all that iHad made.

Who is your favorite all-time designer?

It is really hard to say honestly. I'm a Huge Moschino fan.

Booking information:

Instagram: @MisfitMakings

Facebook: MisfitMakings

Website: www.misfitmakings.com

Twitter: @RieceeSiren_nRD

Email: sirenarmedalarm@yahoo.com

Photo Credits:

Photographers: Press Pause Productions (Kay Leno), Riecee Siren Lawrence T

Models: JonRenee, Shekinah Reynolds, Lawrence T, Riecee Siren, Talia Scarpato, Timnaya, MKayylla, Noirk Baiyley, Miah Wright

Fashion Designer: MisfitMakings

Stylist: Riecee Siren



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