Featured Photographer: Brendon Littlejohn

"Although I learned the technical part of photography years ago, I don't think composing an image cant be learned from a text book."

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How did you get to where you are now in your career?

I am an amature photographer, what inspires me the most is seeing the final images I produce. I see beauty and life in a refined image weather it be mine or someone else's. When someone stops and takes time to look at one of my pictures it is the ultimate payoff, I feel proud and it pushes me to create something new, different and interesting.

What is your opinion on modeling education?

I am a self taught photographer, although I learned the technical part of photography years ago, I don't think composing an image cant be learned from a text book. In my spear time I spend hours looking at other works of art. I like figuring out the lighting and angles of strobes. I question what compliments the image and what I would have changed. For me that is a learning experience. None the less, I like to make all my pictures original and as special as I can.

What person has been your inspiration in life? Who is your hero?

My wife is my hero, she has stood beside me all these years, encouraged me and took the time to give me an honest opinion on my work, not to mention the patients putting up with the time and money I invested in my photography. Not any woman would encourage her man to spend a day with a model so I have to give her recognition for all that.

Do you feel like you've met your goals?

I don't think we ever meat our goals but every time we add on to existing goals well, I guess that means things are going good. Do I consider myself successful, I would have to say yes but if you ask me if I am getting rich at photography well than ..... no!

If you had to do it over again, what would you change?

If I had the chance to back up time, I would have concentrated on fashion and portrait photography a lot earlier. I realized later on what a thrill it was for me.

Do you have any tips?

Shoot shoot and shoot. when you are not shooting, keep up to date on the industry but following different photographers, models and reading online and in magazines.

How do you stay inspired?

When you shoot fashion and modern portraiture, how can you not stay inspired...

What photography related things do you recommend?

The best tip I could give is don't be afraid to go out on a lim with your ideas. Deja vu is not very interesting for a viewer. Try to come up with fresh and interesting ideas and concepts.

What's your favourite camera?

I have been shooting with Nikon since I was 16. Other cameras can be good too but they don't seam to fit in my hand the same.

What is your most memorable experience so far?

I was with a model and hair dresser shooting a "pre-historic" style shoot. We spent several hours shooting outside and realized when we headed to a restaurant that the model had nothing normal to wear.....we ate take out in the car.

Booking information:

Instagram: @brendon.littlejohn

Email: bren@imagefx.ca



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