Featured Fashion Stylist: Aisha Keys

"I've learned its best to keep open ears and wow your client by your creative skills and eye-catching imagery."

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I am Aisha Keys and DC Native, fashion stylist, vintage dealer and artistic/creative director -for hire specializing in wardrobing using thrifted vintage and designer resale clothing and accessories (mixing vintage fashions with contemporary designers sourced at local and international flea markets, thrift and consignment shops to making an individual look).

Why do you want this fashion stylist job?

I would like this fashion stylist job to display my attention to detail, originality and fashion forward whimsical aesthetic.

What have you learned from mistakes on the fashion stylist job?

I've learned its best to keep open ears and wow your client by your creative skills and eye-catching imagery. And, to always have more than enough inventory and a kick butt fashion tool kit, whether you need it or not. Being prepared is the key!

What challenges are you looking for in this fashion stylist position?

I'm looking to push myself to the the next level of agency representation in NYC or Europe.

Describe a typical work week for fashion stylist position?

Sourcing of clothing keeping inventory fresh. You want to be prepared for any last minute client requests. A must to read and staying current on trends via magazines, blogs and social media.

What is your biggest weakness?

My biggest weakness is being too personal and occasionally internalizing and over analyzing circumstances.

If clients are reading this interview, why should they hire you as fashion stylist position?

I should be hired because I teach clients how to dress from the inside out...meaning, throughly very intimate consultation, I get to know their assets. I play them up and their problematic areas I camouflage them. Making for a camera ready image from any angle.

What companies have you worked for in the past?

Self-employed and freelancer.

Tell us your most recent project.

I participated in indie500fashionweek cycle 4 styling competition.

What's the dream?

My dream is to wardrobe Erykah Badu.

What was your most challenging experience so far and how did you overcome that?

My most challenging experience is self doubt. I just push through and start becoming my alter ego AK-47. She's fearless.

Tell us your most memorable experience as a fashion stylist?

One of my most memorable experiences was being featured in the Washingtonian as one of DC most stylish.

What advice could you give to the aspiring and amateur fashion stylist?

I would say stay true to your style never compromise and be descerning of your client list.

Booking information:

Instagram: @crazechameleonstudio

Facebook: Craze Chameleon Studio, llc

Website: crazechameleonstudio.com

Twitter: @crazechameleon

Email: aishankeys@gmail.com

Photo Credits:

Photographers: Hunter Images, Dior Davis, VOX Photography



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