Featured Fashion Label: Crowned Genetics

"The Lifestyle Brand for Kids"

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We hope you enjoy our interview with Maya Freeman.

What inspired you to start your fashion label?

My own child and the fact that I love fashion and adore children. I have always been into building confidence in children. I wanted to create a brand that both intertwined with each other. I wanted the clothes to make a child confidently feel good in them and from the customer feedback we received, we have successfully accomplished that.

Who is behind your fashion label?

A retired Fashion Blogger who is a very passionate determined mother that has always had a gift in fashion styling and design. She is someone who wants to share it with children who love to stand out and take risk in their own fashion choices.

How many team members do you have right now on board?

3 on the front end 6 on the back end

What is your vision for your fashion label?

Our vision for Crowned Genetics is build true lifestyle for kids. Ultimately, we want kids to feel empowered and confidence within themselves and be unapologetic with their style. We plan to expand and allow Crowned Genetics to be a one stop shop for our little Kings and Queens

What are your customers' most favourite collections?

Customers are obsessed with our newest collection. Pieces such as the Criss Cross drop crotch pants, Organic fishtail t shirt, Leather dress, Fur vest and Crowned Fringe jacket.

What is your personal favourite collection?

My personal favorites would have to be the Crowned Fringe jacket and the Leather dress.

How did you discover a need for this type of product in the marketplace?

There are so many fashion brands out in the world today, but I felt none were focused on true quality and style. I wanted to create a brand that looked like a higher end designer brands minus the really hefty price tag. Although, we are not an "Organic only" brand, we are pro eco-friendly and we saw that there were not a lot of organic brands out there that had true style and character. All of the Organic pieces we do offer are uniquely designed and stylish to say the least. We wanted to design items that the kids felt special in. We wanted something that if a child wanted to pass down a piece from Crowned Genetics, that whomever was so lucky to inherit it, would not look outdated and old because it's a trendy item. We make pieces that can last and remain stylish forever.

What has been the most challenging aspect of getting your brand off the ground and how did you overcome that?

Finding the target demographic. It is a challenge to get customers to believe in your product/ brand and entrust that you are, what you say your brand is. Customers want to feel the product and in most cases unless you are going door to door asking people to feel and believe in your product, is it extremely hard for them to buy. It takes a lot of strategic methods and patience to gain customers, their trust and therefore build your brand. Lots of prayers are required as well. The key is to retain your customers and turn them into loyal customers. In my opinion, having new customers all the time with no retainment is a sign of defeat in the long run. I overcame that by doing just that, building strategic methods and best practices to gain my customers.

What are two aspects of business in which you believe a new brand should invest resources?

This business is extremely expensive to start up.. But your main investment should be in Marketing/Advertising - you should always set a budget for these two as they are the true entities in which a business can survive on especially if you are a new brand. Once you become a household name, your brand can sale itself. The second is the behind the scenes side of it which is investing in top production/ manufacturing partners. - We am grateful to be working with the top production and manufacturers companies in Los Angeles, who also work with the most of the biggest brands out there in stores now. If your marketing that your a quality brand, it should easily show in your product.

What are the services that consumers can take advantage of from your company?

Since we are an online based brand right now, we make sure things like out customer service is extremely reliable and fair. We really want our customers to be happy, so from start to finish we want to provide an experience that not other brands can provide. We have develop an extremely well best practice that ensures our customers satisfaction and show the value of crowned genetics in many ways throughout the customers experience. We also developed a VIP room that we treat as a “members only” group - only difference is you just have to sign up and your in. Because we do not do sales often, the VIP room gives our customers opportunities that are not normally given to the public. This awards them special discounts and other fun stuff like free giveaways, etc.

Any pieces of advice for young entrepreneurs who want to open similar labels like yours?

Its an old piece of advice that you hear from everyone in any type of industry or business… “Don’t give up”.. This is the key.. you will have many opportunities for tears, frustration, lack of resources and an extremely hard industry that you are up against, but whatever you do, don't give up. Keep feeding into your dreams and business and it will manifest. It takes time but have patience and perseverance and you will succeed. Also- do not be afraid to fail. The most successful entrepreneurs in the world failed plenty of times, its a part of success.

How do our readers buy your products? Do you ship internationally?

CrownedGenetics.com We currently ship internationally to Australia, United Kingdom and Canada.

Do you collaborate with fashion bloggers? How do you collaborate with them?

Funny, I used to be a fashion blogger. We have yet to collaborate with a blogger but when we do it would be with mommy bloggers or lifestyle bloggers. Most likely curating a style in which both mommy and child can dress alike or just show off true style.

Booking Information:

Facebook: CrownedGenetics Instagram: @CrownedGenetics Website: CrownedGenetics.com Email: Shop@Crownedgenetics.com

Photo credits: Photographer: Beverly Lindo Stylists: Maya Freeman Fashion designer: Maya Freeman



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