Featured Photographer: Carolette Evans

"I wouldn't rush it, or change anything because it's been an amazing journey so far."

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How did you get to where you are now in your career?

Well the short version is I was living an unfulfilled life and it was starting to take its toll. I didn't want my little one to see Mommy always stressed out. I was determined to live a life doing something I felt passionate about. Something so important to me that it didn't matter wether I made money from it or not. I wanted to live a life where it felt like I never worked another day again. Once I revisited my interest in photography, through the guidance of two great photographer friends of mine, I have been working around the clock, 7 days a week and I love it! I'm very passionate about photography because, for me, it's where creativity begins.

What is your opinion on modeling education?

I first started studying photography as a teenager and even now I'm constantly researching and practicing to harness my craft. I've worked in the industry as a make up artist and I've acted as a child so being in front of the camera or behind it, comes naturally to me.

What person has been your inspiration in life? Who is your hero?

My best friend, of 30 years, Logan's Photography, has been my inspiration. She has pushed me and supported me and really helped guide me through the stages of building my business as a photographer and strengthening my skills.

Do you feel like you've met your goals?

I have not met all my goals yet. If I've reached my goal as a photographer then I'll have to put down my camera and find some new hobbies. I am still striving to be better than I am now, tomorrow.

If you had to do it over again, what would you change?

Nothing. I would not change a thing. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, in due time. I wouldn't rush it, or change anything because it's been an amazing journey so far.

Do you have any tips?

Find the one thing that you are truly passion about. Not just something you like doing; but are truly, organically, passionate about. You don't care about making money from it. And do that! You will never regret the journey!

How do you stay inspired?

Fashion! Fashion inspires me. I love looking at different shapes, textures and colours in fashion. It evokes a feeling that deeply motivates me and keeps me inspired.

What photography related things do you recommend?

Master the three basic staples in photography, ISO, Aperture and shutter speed. Gain an understanding of those three things and watch your images transform.

What's your favourite camera?

My love right now is he Nikon D810e. To me it is the Bulgari of cameras!

What is your most memorable experience?

There was a time I was working an outdoor photo shoot and it was so cold. My camera started acting up. I was nervous because I didn't want the model to see me fidgeting with my camera and she was starting to get cold. Plus we had already changed locations three times due to construction in those areas. It took longer than expected but I was able to get the shots I needed to satisfy the client.

Booking information:

Instagram: @caephotography Twitter: @caephotography Website: www.caephotography.net Email: info@caephotography.net

Photo credits:

Photographer: @caephotography Models: Danielle S., Natalie H. Makeup Artist: Carolette Evans (myself) Stylist: The models styled themselves Hair stylist: Carolette Evans



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