Featured Photographer: Pavel Fox

"Be creative and open minded, don't do just what you do best try also new things."

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How did you get to where you are now in your career?

Well i guess by taking a risks, opportunities and challenges but I'm still on my way to the place where i wanna be in my career.

What is your opinion on modeling education?

I attended photography course but its possible to do it without course for some people is process of learning faster with course depends what kind of person u are everyone has different speed and style of learning (e.g. Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Learning Styles). Some people just prefer to learn from Youtube (basically school of 21st century) or from friends and by trying again and again.

What person has been your inspiration in life? Who is your hero?

Right now its definitely Casey Neistat. He is basically filmmaker but with his movies/short videos on Youtube he can really inspire me and a lot of others.

Do you feel like you've met your goals?

Not yet there... Work in progress...

If you had to do it over again, what would you change?

Probably nothing each step in process of me going up is important ... It may not be fastest way but its right way and i will get there wherever it is ...

Do you have any tips?

Just do what u love do it with all your hearth be positive take a risks and opportunities you will get there and #NeverGiveUp ...

How do you stay inspired?

By watching Casey Neistat on youtube also by instagram and travelling around the world...

What photography related things do you recommend?

Be creative and open minded, don't do just what you do best try also new things.

How can people reach you for a job?

They can reach me and find out all they want to know through my website www.6pavel6.wix.com/fox-pix-sydney or IG @foxpixsydney or email foxpixsydney@gmail.com

What's your favourite camera?

My favourite camera is right now Nikon D810 ...

Tell us your most memorable experience?

Well there is always some interesting or funny moment ... One time a friend of mine also photographer was too busy so he sent over a man and pregnant woman for a photoshoot so i took them to a nice place started photoshoot and they kept a distance at least a 1 meter between each other kind of strange i was confused if they had fight before or whats happening there so i asked them to get closer, hug or kiss each other if they want to and that was the moment when she told me its her brother ... Sometimes its good to know more about people in front of camera ;) ...

Booking information:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foxpixsydney​

Email: foxpixsydney@gmail.com



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