Featured MUA: Mabeljt

"As a professional your presence and presentation helps to make clients feel confident enough about your work, trusting you."

Can you tell us what makes you a good fit for this particular makeup artist position with the competition being so tough? I have confidence in my abilities, passion for what I do and since makeup artistry is a very fluid line of work, there is a place for every artist in the industry.

Why did you choose this profession? I like the creativity of itself, how to create art, beauty. Could be challenging at times but it only helps to practice and

What are the biggest challenge makeup artists have to face? Skin types could be pretty challenging, when I come to makeup application the skin plays the basic role for the result of the look.

If a customer asks for a style that you are sure would not suit them, how do you convince the customer to go otherwise? I would speak based on my experience, knowledge and professionalism will talk the client out. As a professional your presence and presentation helps to make clients feel confident enough about your work, trusting you.

How do you prepare dry and oily skin for foundation makeup application? Testing the client's skin before starting to make any application, points of reference like the T-Zone of the face as an example of where to start, to know which type of product to use. Do you have any experience in cosmetic retails? No.

Tell us about your experience as a makeup artist? My experience is based more on production makeup, and I started to expand my working field experience with fashion which I didn’t expect to be such an entertaining and creative field.

Do you apply makeup for special events? Beauty , for parties, sweet sixteens.

Name some you have covered? Private events, weddings.

What is the difference between applying makeup for a TV shoot and applying makeup for a live appearance party?

With the advent of high definition television, the makeup application has been required to be lighter or softer than what used to be known before and a live appearance makeup coverage could be a bit heavier for a flawless long

lasting look.

How often do you clean your makeup tools such as brushes and combs? I clean them after every use and deep wash them at least once a week.

How does it affect the wear and tear of your tools and how do you feel about the associated expense? Expenses are something that comes along with the profession itself, as a makeup artist, we are training an use to make constant investments.

How do you determine a client’s undertone before you decide what makeup technique to use? Taking a deep look into the skin, defining if its warm or cold for example.

What experiences do you have apart from making up characters apart from using typical makeup techniques? Not enough at the moment, I will expand my knowledge and technique to start working in SFX makeup application as my next goal.

Tell us your most memorable experience so far? Working in Fashion, getting my first Editorial work published, it was such a gratifying experience making me proud and more confident about myself and work.

Favourite model? Favorite photographer? Maria Panina maria@fultonstud HYPERLINK "mailto:maria@fultonstudio.com"io.com Duo Chen Duoism2016@gmail.com Favorite designer? Favorite hairstylist? Wade Lee wadelee@hairbywadelee.com

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