Featured Model: Bella Rose

"I need to be confident we are prepared on the day and being a Mum, I need to be assured the shoot is suitable and safe for a ten year old."

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We hope you enjoy our interview with Bella's mum, Leisa Rose!

Tell us about your daughter. How did she get her interest in modeling and as a parent, how did you talk to her?

Bella is a dancer and she is an aspiring actress who also enjoys modelling. At age ten Bella is already listed on the International Movie Database as a credited actress, and auditions regularly for roles around the world. Something interesting about Bella - her favourite subject is Maths and she is a champion at Sudoku.

How important is modeling education: Has she attended modeling courses? What related courses or studies has she taken?

Bella hasn't done any modelling courses, I think there is more value in real on set experience. My approach with model training for Bella has been to book professional sessions with industry photographers who during a shoot provide direction and mentoring, it's a wonderful learning experience and we usually get some great images as well. The training that most seems to help Bella during a shoot is her dance training, she is very aware of her body, can move smoothly, hold positions, repeat moves with precision and she says posing is a bit like performing a contemporary dance routine.

What do you think makes someone “fit” to be a model?

I think being "fit" to be a model is about attitude and engaging in the photoshoot. You need to be on set to get a job done whilst enjoying the photoshoot experience. Being able to work as a team with the stylist, HMUA and photographer, trust the creative team's ideas, listen and follow direction.

What do you know about the advertisement industry, advertising psychology, and photography?

Bella is just starting out, so still learning about the industry, most of what we have learnt is from watching Australia's Next Top Model, and getting feedback from photographers who we have met along the journey so far. For me, other mums with kids in the industry have been a great source of advice, as are industry blogs and magazines like this one. Ultimately I hope Bella is signed by a modelling agent, who will guide her through the challenges and opportunities in the advertising industry.

How do you communicate with people? Are you patient? Are you friendly? How open are you to clients’ requirements?

Communication is so important, it's good to have expectations of a shoot, lots of details and for creative shoots inspiration images. As Bella's Mum I am her booking agent and I think of that as my job, so asking questions and getting as much information about the shoot as possible. I need to be confident we are prepared on the day and being a Mum, I need to be assured the shoot is suitable and safe for a ten year old.

Does she eat nutritiously? How do you balance her studies and modeling career?

Bella is a busy ten year old so keeping her fuelled with energy for school, dance training, and the super busy weeks which include film and modelling projects is a challenge. Bella knows how important it is to keep hydrated, we always travel with a water bottle and a snack box of healthy options to sustain energy and focus. I never rely on catering at shoots for Bella, as sometimes the food is too gourmet and fancy for her tastebuds and beaks can be pushed back.

What is her dream role as a model? What do you aspire for her?

Bella's dream role is about working with the fashion brands she likes, being a little fashionista there are so many, the ultimate would probably be a Camilla shoot.

Does she have any limitations? How do you define her boundaries when choosing to accept a modeling request?

Bella has done some crazy, kooky themed shoots which have been lots of fun. Bella loves nice clothes and getting pretty make up, but gets really excited if there is sfx make up - she had horns made for her once which was amazing.

I am open to creative ideas my boundaries are about ensuring Bella is safe on location and the images are age appropriate.

State her availability: Would you travel? Work full-time, part-time? Any hours?

Bella is Brisbane based and has travelled to Sydney and Melbourne for acting and modelling opportunities, she misses an occasional day of school but always puts in effort to take school work with her. It's amazing how much school work you can get done on a flight to Sydney!

As a parent, what pieces of advice could you give to the parents reading this?​

Be patient. Jobs come up when they come up, and don't stress if your child doesn't get booked, the creative team have a vision and you fit it or you don't - after each submission, casting call or audition, we say if they want a Bella they will book a Bella, then move on.

For the young model: Tell us your most memorable experience in modeling so far?

I have had so much fun on lots of shoots, one of my first jobs was on a real farm with horses and cowgirl clothes with very big sparkly belts, I also did one for a lollie company and got to eat the props, Movieworld was fun we finished early and got to stay in the theme park for the rest of the day, but I have the most fun with Michael Murchie Photography because he is funny is like a coach who gives me training on how to pose and the photos are always pretty amazing.

Booking Information:

Instagram: @bellarosebrisbane

Email: leisarose17@gmail.com

Photo Credits:

Model - Bella Rose

Hair and Make Up Artist - Tyneale Hahn

Photographer - Michael Murchie



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