Featured Fashion Stylist: Yenifer Ubiera

I'm a perfectionist. That's a plus but also a weakness because I like to double work push myself to the end to achieve what I want. This required a lot of my time during the week so sometimes I don't have time for socializing with my family and friends.

(What you do, your location and hobbies)

I'm a freelancer wardrobe stylist based in New York but I do jobs in NJ and PA constantly as well. I'm well-known in the city for my collaboration with international designers from London, France & Australia and also all over the States, I never limit myself only to my new york source list.

My hobbies are reading and spending time with my daughter.

Why do you want this fashion stylist job?

I like the creativity and freedom that's why I love the styling . I'm always thinking crazy ideas. I can describe myself as Alice in Wonderland I think as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

What have you learned from mistakes on the fashion stylist job?

#1 rule that every fashion stylist need to know is never to bring on set a fashion designer when you are doing an editorial for a magazine.

Fashion designers are lovely people, in fact, the designers are the people that I most interact with in my career but they love their designs of course, and they always want to put their pieces first while as a stylist you are looking more to build a story through the pictures.

What challenges are you looking for in this fashion stylist position?

I'm dying to do something artistic more towards costume designs photography than fashionable.

Describe a typical work week for fashion stylist position?

A typical week will be a lot of research. The app that I used the most on my phone is my email account then coordinate with designers depending on the topic or theme and also their schedule the pick ups because sometimes I request pieces out of the country. The fun part is during the weekends when I can meet the whole group on set and the magic occur.

What is your biggest weakness?

I'm a perfectionist. That's a plus but also a weakness because I like to double work push myself to the end to achieve what I want. This required a lot of my time during the week so sometimes I don't have time for socializing with my family and friends.

If clients are reading this interview, why should they hire you as fashion stylist position?

They should hire me because I know different areas of styling not only womenswear which is such as product styling, personal styling, ADS, menswear, kidswear, film, look books and fashion shows.

May I add that I'm a dynamic and creative person, I know how to work as a team, I'm a hard worker, always thinking out of the border and I have a unique style. I can honestly do any styling for a client, and if they demand something that I don't know, I research and prepare myself to overcome the challenge.

What companies have you worked for in the past?

Katy Mossman studio for Vogue, Jenny Haapala for school & hope st magazine Suchi.com, Ammo NYC, Gen Arts, Levis, wish.I fashion apple app, Voodoo Australia, Nathalia Jag from Project Runway to mention a few.

Tell us your most recent project.

A winter editorial fashion shoots which is going to be published in Institute magazine soon.

Tell us your most memorable experience as a fashion stylist?

My most memorable experience as a stylist it was to get published eight times in the same month.

What advice could you give to the aspiring and amateur fashion stylist?

Don't give up! It gets better with the time and makes sure that you have your voice , meaning that don't let people tell you that you can't do it. If you have a job on set, for example, don't agree with everything do your own thing even if you think that can be wrong, say something because in the meantime then whatever the outcome is, it will say something about your aesthetic.

How can people reach you for work purposes?

The best way is through my email.

Booking information:

Instagram: @yenifer.ubiera

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ubiera.stylist/ Website: http://www.yeniferubiera.com

Email: Ubiera.stylist@gmail.com

Photoshoot title: Trendy Slant

Photo Team Credits:

Photographer: Duo Chen Wardrobe Stylist: Yenifer Ubiera Makeup & Hair: Mika Omura Models: Anna Lynn, Laura Arumugan & Stefaniya Makarova.

Clothing Credits:

Look 1

Cotton peach t- shirt, James R. Palmisano. Gold Embellishments printed pants, James R. Palmisano. Jewellery Shoulder Designs, Elena Estaun Dark Green ankle boots, Boscovs

Look 2


Black sheer bowtie long sleeves shirt, Tenby NY Olive green cotton pants, Tenby NY Dark green ankle boots, Boscovs Jewellery top, Elena Estaun


Olive green bomber jacket, Echtego White cotton bowtie shirt , James Palmisano. Gold pants, Inspired NY Black Ankle boots, Charlotte Russe. Earrings, Bita Pourtavoosi Gloves, Elena Estaun

Black hair

Golden Rose embellishments long sleeves jacket, Inspired NY Olive Green jumpsuit, Rue21 Brown knee high boots, Forever21

Look 3

Red Trench coat, Plakinger Black & White Trench coat, Nika Tang Earrings, Bita Pourtavoosi

Look 4

White cotton bowtie shirt, James Palmisano Black leather pants, Nika Tang Clear plastic coat, Clear Coated Black Combat boots, Boscovs Earrings, Bita Pourtavoosi

Black sheer top, Tenby NY White Sheer pants, Pan Jin Black & clear long plastic coat, Clear Coated Black furry sneakers, Apparis Black Headpiece, Chuchu NY

Look 5

Black Corduroy, Nika Tang Black & Red sheer long dress, Rearrange us Black Vintage boots, Stylist’s own Black Velvet choker, CUIXUstudios

Look 6

Brown long coat, Narciss Red velvet high wait underwear, Karie Laks Gold long necklace, Bita Pourtavoosi Black ankle boots, Stylist’s own Black Stockings, Aliexpress

Look 8

White sheer top, Pan Jin Black shorts, Aleksandra Kolanko Blue Tweed long coat, Tenby NY Black knee high boots, Jeffrey Campbell Black Headpiece, Chuchu NY




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