Featured Hair Stylist: Jessica Lillie

"This industry is not just about making people look good; it's about the whole experience."

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Why do you think you decided to become a hair stylist?

My whole life I have been a musician, so being creative comes naturally. I always loved being around people and making them happy. When I first went to beauty school, I never thought it would lead me down this path. I truly didn't realize how much I would love making people look and most importantly, feel great!

How did you start in the industry? What inspired you?

I first started my career in beauty at 15 years old while still in beauty school. My instructor had asked me to sing at the older class' graduation and sat me next to the key note speaker who owned a barber shop in Westhampton Beach Village. We hit it off and not long after I began working for her. She taught me so much about cutting hair and being a strong independent woman. together we grew the business into a tremendous success!

What iconic hairstyles do you love? Who inspires you?

I am completely obsessed with the classic glamorous Hollywood waves look! Surprisingly, it was my least favorite style to learn in beauty school because they make us use finger wave lotion to create the look. It was so gross! The modern techniques we have now to create that look are a lot more enjoyable (and smell a lot better)!

Which skills are required to succeed as a hair stylist?

This industry is not just about making people look good; it's about the whole experience. The first skill needed to succeed is the ability to connect with people. A stylist with a good clientele is friendly and kind to everyone he or she meets. They also hold themselves to a high level of professionalism at all times, in and out of the salon. Then comes your talent... even the most influential hairstylists of our time don't know or specialize in everything. Find what you're good at and hone that skill as much as you possibly can. Our industry is ever changing and It is absolutely crucial to grow and learn new techniques. Education is the golden key to success!

As a hair stylist, what do you offer that can ensure more business?

The most important aspect of ensuring more business is producing a great final result. Your work is your advertising! If your clients are walking around looking and feeling like the best possible version of themselves than your business will grow. Word of mouth and referrals is everything!

On what basis do you recommend hairstyles to your clients?

usually, I will recommend a new style to a client if I have just learned a new technique or style that I feel would work for their hair. I also try to read my clients. If they seem like they're in a funk or just got a landed an exciting new job, changing their look. Can make them feel fresh and revitalized!

Have you ever completed any courses? Who have you worked for?

I take classes all the time to keep my skills fresh and innovative! My favorite course I've ever tAken was the 4 day 'color and know why' class in NYC at the Redken exchange. It was incredible and changed my career! Honestly, I'm proud of working for myself. I have been running a mobile styling and bridal business for over 3 years. While I have learned so much from former employers, the lessons I have learned being an entrepreneur are priceless. I am proud of my personal growth as a stylist and very proud my professional reputation and relationship with my clientele.

What is THE hottest hair trend at the moment? If you had to create a hairstyle for Jennifer Lopez, what style would you go for?

The biggest trend in hair right now is briads and balayage!! Braids are so fun and can be styled to be fitting for any occasion. Balayage has got to be one of the most universally flattering trend in hair color ever! With the right stylist, it can look so natural and accent a persons features! J-Lo is so stunning and has a very unique combination face shape. While anything can look good on her, I absolutely love jLO with blonde face framing balayage, a dark root, long layers, and beach waves flowing away from her face as not to cover up her iconic cheekbones!

Which hair product do you think every woman should have? What are your goals for the future?

One product every woman should own is a good dry shampoo! Women tend to over-wash their hair, stripping it of natural oils and any hair color work that's been done which make sure it dry, fragile, and dull. Dry shampoo allows them to give their hair a break and stop over drying it. My favorite dry shampoo is By Moroccan Oil. They created two formulas, one for blondes and one for brunettes! My goals for the future are to keep evolving in this industry. I don't know where it's going to take me, but I know it will be wonderful! I would absolutely love to create a product line! My vision is an all organic, not tested on animals line of color and styling products. It's not happening anytime soon, but hopefully one day!

Any advice?

My advice to anyone looking to break into this industry is to surround yourself with talented artists and business people. You are the crowd you keep so be around people that inspire you and push you to be a superstar!

Booking information:

Instagram: @jlilliehair

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jlilliehair

Website: www.jessicalilliehair.com

Email: Jessicalilliehair@gmail.com

Photo credits: @levasseurphoto



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