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"Our philosophy is #beyourself, because of this fact we are at the street everyday to talk with the People about their life and of course about their way of fashion."

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Tell us something about you.

We are working as a Team, we are both Photographer and Model. Verena is the creative head. She is working as a Visual Merchandiser in a styling team for a Fashion Brand and never went out with out her cam, because she loves to cheque out new street styles. And Johnny is the motivator of this project, sometimes a Personal Assistant but more often the head for big ideas. Our philosophy is #beyourself, because of this fact we are at the street everyday to talk with the People about their life and of course about their way of fashion.

What do you blog about and how do you decide the article that you are writing?

We want to show authentic styles... NOT only one personal style, because we have more than just one. Every Person has a own way to wear e.g. a Denim Jacket... someone love a destroyed one, a other one just wear big Brands and other paint on it. And this is a character that we all Show to the World. And this is what we do, we are showing characters and try to give easy tips for Personal Styles.

We know that finding a topic is hard. How do you get inspired?

Our Inspiration comes from the street. We are often outside to take walks and looking for streetstyle, but also for streetlive... like Skaters in Parks or the Student or Punks at our Scene in Hamburg "Sternschanze", but of course we are also dreamer and have a lot of discussions. This is the way how we do what we do. We want to be ourselves by testing new Trend and to get always a clashing with the style.

What was the hardest part about starting a blog and how did you overcome it?

Uff... I ,Verena, started with @eatfashionblog in 2014 and in 2016 I met Johnny, because I was looking for male Models, to get more follower and to show make styles. And the point "follower" is the hardest part, because we don't become the Chance for a blogger network or collaborations without a lot of followers.

What was your most-read blog?

The most read Blog from us was https://hintermblogsberglinks.wordpress.com/2016/05/12/zum-rein-springen/

What pieces of advice do you have for bloggers who are just starting?

1. Take a concise Name and authentic concept 2. Invest in a good cam, education like SEO, have a Partner (photographer, writer, translator or someone who is good in media design) 3. Think big!!! And do what makes you happy!

How do people benefit from reading your articles?

Oh I hope that we inspire them, and help then for easy shopping. Because that is what I prefer if read a Blog. Sometimes I just love to see the nice pictures and this is what I try to do with our work.

Tell us your most successful story as a fashion blogger?

Yes.... the day as I was sitting at the train and was talking with my colleague, as a girl take a seat in front of me and smiled " sorry, are you Verena from Blogsberg?" I became a red head and was so happy about the situation, that a person love to check out the things everyday that I post at Instagram. So since this day all my colleagues call me "Blogsberg" and I really love this nickname.

What are we expecting from you in the future?

We are dreaming in big dimensions :-) this is why we have to motivate us so often... We would like to make a fulltime Job about our Hobby. My grandma toll me " Don't dream your life. Live your dreams, Child!" This is what we expect and we are working for it. We work to become more professional...

What article are you sharing with us?


Contact Information:

Instagram: @hintermblogsberg

Web: www.hintermblogsberglinks.wordpress.com

E-mail: Hinterm.blogsberg.links@gmail.com

Photo Credit: @hintermblogsberg

Photographer: Verena Müller / John Kongi Model: Verena Müller / John Kongi Stylist: Verena Müller



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