Featured Photographer: R.S. Taylor

"I think modeling education is important and can be very helpful in learning and understanding different styles and techniques."

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How did you get to where you are now in your career?

I started out just shooting portraits and headshots of friends for their own modeling portfolio and everything sort of spiraled from there. I got a chance to do more and more intricate concepts, working with sets and props. I even shoot a couple of fashion shows. I'm very interested in editorial and fashion photography and even occasionally dabble in branding for blogs and look-books.

What do you look for in a model?

I think modeling education is important and can be very helpful in learning and understanding different styles and techniques. I have not personally taken any modeling courses but I have definitely considered it.

What person has been your inspiration in life? Who is your hero?

I would definitely say that my parents are my biggest inspiration. They support me in all of the decisions I make, whether they agree with them or not. They have given me the confidence and guidance to pursue my passions in photography, and in all other things that I do.

Do you feel like you've met your goals?

I think I have managed to put myself on a road toward reaching all of my goals, big and small. It takes work and dedication and passion to be successful and all of those things are ongoing processes. But I am definitely very pleased with the progress that I have made in a relatively short amount of time.

If you had to do it over again, what would you change?

If I could do it over again, I would have bought a higher quality camera from the start and grown into it, versus buying a beginner level camera which can be pretty limiting.

Do you have any tips?

Have confidence in yourself and in your own style. Don't compare what you do to what you see others doing.

How do you stay inspired?

I stay inspired by pulling inspiration out of all of the things I care about. Music, art, literature, friendships, relationships, everyday objects, all offer up something that draw out emotions for me which keeps me inspired.

What photography related things do you recommend?

Keep shooting, everyday, as often as you can can. The way to get really good is to keep practicing and even if it doesn't turn out how you were expected you learned something valuable for next time.

How can people reach you for a job?

There is a contact form on my website and my rates are available upon request.

What's your favourite camera?

Canon 5D Mark III.

What was your most interesting experience?

I worked with a aspiring model while I was out of the country studying in Romania. We walked around Brasov, taking pictures everywhere--down alleyways, in front of cemeteries, in parks. There were people staring at us and the language and cultural barriers were pretty interesting but it was hands-down one of the my favorite times.

Booking information:

Instagram: @r.s.taylor_photography

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ravinesierrataylorphotography/

Website: http://rstaylorphotography.com

Email: rstaylorphotography@gmail.com



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