Featured Photographer: Josh Lobel

"Like many things in life, it's been a combination of hard-work, determination and utter luck. You put the work in and hope that someone gives you a chance to display your talent."

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How did you get to where you are now in your career?

Like many things in life, it's been a combination of hard-work, determination and utter luck. You put the work in and hope that someone gives you a chance to display your talent. Fortunately I've been given such opportunities and always work to go above and beyond what's asked of me.

What person has been your inspiration in life? Who is your hero?

Everybody in my family has been an inspiration. My parents and siblings are wildly talented and focused individuals.

Do you feel like you've met your goals?

I've had some success, but wouldn't consider myself successful yet. I still have plenty goals to achieve. especially as a young photographer in today's media generation. There's always new work to be done.

If you had to do it over again, what would you change?

I suppose I would have began focusing on photography at a younger age, but beggars can't be choosers.

Do you have any tips?

Practice. Practice. Practice. Carry a camera with you wherever you go, even if it's just your smartphone. Keep taking pictures and share them to get the feedback you need. Practice makes perfect.

How do you stay inspired?

I'm constantly seeing the work of countless photographers all over the place, whether in the real world or on Instagram and Tumblr.

What photography related things do you recommend?

A personal tip is to sometimes overexpose images. I like my images to pop and I can always bring in shadows later. Always have extra batteries and SD cards. Carry your camera with a strap of some kind. Take as many photos as you want.

How can people reach you for a job?

They can reach me via email, phone or through my website. My rate varies on the job, so that's something that can be discussed later.

What's your favourite camera?

Currently, it's my Canon 7d Mark II. I bought it to shoot high-speed sports and it shoots 10fps. It sounds like a machine gun and I love it.

What was your most interesting experience?

I once met a musician on craigslist looking for new portraits of himself. We had a great shoot in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We discussed politics and got to know each other over just a couple of hours. We wound up becoming friends and continue to do shoots to this day.

Booking information:

Instagram: @jlobelphoto

Email: jlobelphoto@gmail.com



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