Featured Model: Shanel Henderson

"I'd like to start a youth group with girls so that they may develop a strong sense of self-love that can never be taken away from them."

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Tell us about yourself: Why do you want to work as a model? Why are you interested in modelling as a career?

For as long I can remember, I've been judged for my looks, though instead of breaking down, I took those experiences and to grow instead. As a result, I use my words to empower other young women that I come across, wanting to spread love as opposed to hate. I'm hoping to take a stand in the fashion industry- breaking misconceptions & certain standards that are in place, along with uplifting anyone who crosses my path. Modeling is a great way to do this, as all I am required bring is myself & my desire to grow- along with my model bag.

How important is modelling education: Have you attended modelling courses? What related courses or studies have you taken?

I do not think it is all that important. You may learn things from classes to use immediately, but if you're diligent enough on your own, I think experience is your best option. As part of a show that I participated in, I was coached by a runway guru, but unless runway is your category, you probably won't need a class!

What do you think makes someone “fit” to be a model?

All it takes is someone who has enough passion to be who they are- with a thick layer of skin. You'll come across people everyday who will tell you no & criticize you, so if you can't take things with a smile, modeling isn't the best option! I think anyone is capable of modeling.

What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progressing in this field?

My biggest goal is to uplift & learn with every opportunity I am given. I'd like to start a youth group with girls so that they may develop a strong sense of self-love that can never be taken away from them. I see myself working towards this goal by continuing to do what I am doing, & doing it well. There is nothing that can stop the desire burning in my veins.

How do you communicate with people? Are you patient? Are you friendly? How open are you to clients’ requirements?

I am probably one of the easiest people there is to work with. I am able to compromise towards a common goal & am able to get there without negative feelings. I am typically open to working with clients & their visions, as long as they respect my standards. I do not usually have any conflicts while working.

Do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym?

I am a vegetarian & am extremely careful of what I put in my body, since it is my greatest asset. Everything I do is at home. I have a small workout that I do every morning, which is coupled with either yoga/pilates, or a more intensive workout in the evening. Of course, there are days when I take time off to let my body rest.

What is your dream role as a model?

My dream role is simply to be someone else's role model. As crazy as it sounds, all I want is to make others realize how much they are worth, even if others do not see it. If I am able to do that much, I will be content.

Do you have any limitations? How do you define your boundaries when choosing to accept a modelling request?

My biggest, & basically only, limitation is that I absolutely will not pose nude. Boudoir/glamour is not a category that I am interested in joining. When deciding to take a job or not, I first review the clients social media accounts to make sure that they are valid & have quality work. Then, depending on the job, I will consult with my friend's mother, Launa, as she is a great help & has always been there to guide me. If all seems well, I usually go through with the job.

State your availability: Would you travel? Work full-time, part time? Any hours?

As far as I'm concerned, I am available 24/7, wherever I am needed. There is nothing like traveling while doing what I love to do. As long as I have food during breaks, I could work for days on end.

What was your favourite experience so far?

My most memorable experience has got to be working for Strength of Nature. It was my first time meeting with a team, getting dolled up, & shooting for a high-profile client. They were all extremely nice, organized, & knew exactly what they were looking for- not to mention, they made me feel like a queen. Amidst a number of shoots that didn't flow as well as I would have liked, it rejuvenated my being. That experience is definitely one I will cherish for a long time!

Booking Information:

Instagram: http://Instagram.com/shvhen

Email: Contactshanelh@gmail.com



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