Featured Hair Stylist: Sabrina Shell

"I wasn't set out to be in a cubicle looking into a computer screen! I was approaching my thirties and my quest to become the text pop sensation wasn't quite panning out and I had to figure something out fast!"

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Sabrina Shell has done some pretty awesome things with hair! To her, hair is an artwork, and it's evident in her works which you can see in her interview. If you appreciate her work, please share this interview with your friends!

Tell us something about yourself. What you do, passion and aspiration in life?

I was a theatre and chorus geek in high school and we spent hours doing our hair trying to set ourselves apart from everyone else! I wasn't set out to be in a cubicle looking into a computer screen! I was approaching my thirties and my quest to become the text pop sensation wasn't quite panning out and I had to figure something out fast! It was a natural progression becoming a hair stylist because I have always been in the same social circles with them! I thank God that doing hair found me because I can honestly say that I love what I do!

Who is your inspiration in life? How do you keep inspired?

I was a makeup artist first, but I worked with other stylist and I would watch them for hours crafting their creations on every day people and the looks on their faces said it all!

What is your aspiration in life?*

Of course, the legendary Vidal Sassoon - his life and legacy is epic!

What is your aspiration in life?*

Passion, creativity, compassion, diligence, vision, and technique! Did you notice that I mentioned technique last? That's because if you believe in your own hype then you are no longer evolving! Never for one instance think you know it's all because talent flows out there in abundance!

How do you go about promoting your works?

I try to promote myself as much as possible! I am not to proud to call myself a " media whore!" My relationships that I build with my clients is priceless and as a result it becomes a dominos effect in a positive way! Moving to Naples, Fl recently and having to start all over again has been an humbling experience! I have been tapping into my inner hustle because that is what it is going to take!

How do you approach new clients?

I look at their face shape, hair texture, and realistically how much time they would be willing to take to do their hair at home! I think it is important to always suggest something new so they don't fall into a hair slump.

Have you taken any courses in hair styling?

I have taken many courses!

Bb cutting class/ New York Alphaparf color class/ Washington D. C.

Wella cutting and coloring class/ Richmond

Va Candy Shaw balayage/ Richmond

Va Candy Shaw's class was a major game changer for me!I became obsessed with doing balayage after that! Working with photographer Melody Smith allowed me to exercise my editorial chops and she is so brilliant and inspiring!

What advice could you give to the people who are reading this?

"The sky is the limit!" I am so open to whatever the universe presents to me!I am starting all over again at 46 which is terrifying and exciting at the same time! Be true to your craft and value the people who put their faith in your capable hands!

Booking Info:

Email: sab_duk@yahoo.com

Instagram: @rvasabrina

Photo credits:

Photographers: Melody Smith, Elizabeth Moritz and John Herzog

Makeup Artist: Marita Cardenas

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