Featured Photographer: Christine Itel

"I am constantly setting goals, then reviewing them and renewing them."

Often, we can judge an artists’ passion and their work, by the quality of their interview responses. Christine Itel is no exception – she gave us a fabulous insight into her career progression, her goals, and why she loves photography. She is a great artist, and we really recommend you check out her work. Please enjoy Christine’s interview!

How did you get where you are now in your career?

I have always had a passion for Photography but it wasn’t until recently that I embarked on a new adventure following my dreams. Earlier this year I completed my Certificate IV in Photoimaging at the Centre for Creative Photography. Currently, I am working towards my Diploma. For me, I have found studying at CCP has helped me develop and practice the technical skills I need to create the images that I would like to produce. To further cultivate my passion for photography, I have also worked collaboratively with Freelance and Agent models, building my portfolio. My focus and styles that I am drawn to are Fashion, Beauty, Conceptual Portraiture and Dance/Movement. Though I am still in the early stages of my career, I take pleasure in delivering creative and experimental concepts from start to finish.

How did your education prepare you for the future?

Completing the diploma at CCP, is very important for my career development and the skills that I have learnt through the course is invaluable. To enhance and further enrich my work as a photographer, I feel that it is important to go beyond the classroom. I have worked on a number of personal projects whilst I have been studying as well as participating in photographic workshops. For me, I found true inspiration at the Peter Coulson workshop that I attended last year. The workshop was a turning point for me and has shaped my perspective as a photographer.

Do you feel like you’ve met your goals and are successful?

I am constantly setting goals, then reviewing them and renewing them. It is a continuous cycle that motivates and inspires me. I feel that by achieving the little goals along my path, that this helps me to achieve the larger more longitudinal goals.

If you had it over again what would you change?

Start my photography journey sooner? I feel that my photography is inspired by my life experiences: the people I have met, by my children and my partner, the places that I have lived-in and visited and the encounters in my everyday life. Ultimately, my work is enhanced by my experiences and I feel that my journey as a photographer is happening at the right time in my life.

What advice would you give someone who is young and wants to have such a position as yours one day?

I would say go out and do it, don’t give up. And it is never too late to follow your dreams.

How do I stay inspired?

I am inspired by images that I see in paintings, magazines, online or in the social media. I spend my spare time visiting art galleries and attending dance performances to further explore other people’s perspectives while enhancing and stimulating my own senses and perceptions.

What Photography related things do you recommend?

One of the things I recommend is to read books about photography. I have quite a few books that refer back to often. But my favourite book is by Harald Mante, ‘The Photograph – Composition and Design.’

What is my Favourite Camera?

I currently use the Canon 6D and I love this camera.

Booking information:

Instagram: @c_itel

Facebook: Christine Itel Photography

Website: http://citelphotography.wixsite.com/christine-itel

Email: citelphotography@gmail.com

Photo credits (in order):

Photographer: Christine Itel

Makeup Artist: Ali Campanella

Hair Stylist: Ali Campanella

Designer: Model’s clothes

Model: Cassandra Woods with FTM Model Management

Photographer: Christine Itel

Makeup Artist: Tania Louise

Model: Lauren Goodwin

Photographer: Christine Itel

Makeup Artist: Emily Smart

Hair Stylist: Emily Smart

Model: Linda Huynh

Photographer: Christine Itel

Makeup Artist: Jennifer Aquino

Hair Stylist: Jennifer Aquino

Model: Amy Caldwell

Photographer: Christine Itel

Makeup Artist: Jennifer Aquino

Hair Stylist: Selina Chhaur

Model: Kelsey Traeger

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