Featured Model: Jaetin Bonner

"Q: What do you think makes someone “fit” to be a model?

A: Confidence and loving who you are, not what you look like."

Jaetin Bonner has been signed in Dallas and Miami, in America, and he appears to be having lots of fun so far in his modeling gigs. We applaud you for having the courage to stand in the middle of the art district in Miami in only your Speedos, until your photographer took that perfect shot. Jaetin's interview was short but sweet, so we recommend you have a read and let us know what you think!

Tell us about yourself: Why do you want to work as a model? Why are you interested in modelling as a career?

The only way I want to live is positive and to show others the key to a happy life is to just be happy when you wake up and don't let go of it. Modeling is one of the best and most fun ways to meet new people and learn that you can't just be a pretty face.

What do you think makes someone “fit” to be a model?

Confidence and loving who you are, not what you look like.

What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progressing in this field?

My goal is to turn a corner and see my face. I believe I can do it, and so do the people that have met me.

What do you know about the advertisement industry, advertising psychology and photography?

A picture can say something it wasn't intended to say.

How do you communicate with people? Are you patient? Are you friendly? How open are you to clients’ requirements?

I try my best to treat everyone the way I would want to be. I'm a deep person so I'm pretty good at talking about things that actually matter in life.

Do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym?

I cook 5 dinners a week, rarely go out, and I go to the gym about 3-4 times a week, but mostly for yoga.

What is your dream role as a model?

To experience new places and have people want to be like me, just like I want to be like successful models.

State your availability: Would you travel? Work full-time, part-time? Any hours?

I would travel to only "safe" areas in the world. If I could do modeling full time I would in a heart beat, but for now any hours would work.

Tell us what's your memorable experience so far.

Shooting in Speedos in the middle of the art district in Miami with Ivan Sanchez.

Booking Info:

Instagram - @jaetinbonner

Email: jaetin3@gmail.com

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