Featured Fashion Stylist: Zuzana Kristofova

"Styling is all about your own flavour for fashion."

Zuzana's artistic styling is relatively simple, yet exudes creativity and sophistication. She has a unique taste for a niche fashion area, and stays true to this. Like she says, she doesn't follow trends. We think Zuzana is on to something, and we really recommend that you have a look at her collection to see what we mean. Please enjoy Zuzana's interview!

At what age did you start becoming fascinated with fashion?

Since I was a little girl I been fascinated!

How did you prepare for a career in styling?

Styling is all about your own flavour for fashion. I am a BFA graduate in Fashion, currently doing my Masters in Sustainable and Ethical Fashion.

How do you stay updated on the current trends?

I do not believe in trend. If you start following trend you already behind it. I believe in self expression and finding your own, real you in fashion.

How important is Fashion Week for you?

It is always interested to see what other designers are doing and getting inspired by other peoples creativity.

What is your dream job?

I am already doing what I love the most. Do what you love and love what you do.

What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself taking your styling career?

I am a Designer. Where I see myself? Life in full of surprises, to me its just to keep my mind open to limitless possibilities in this life. Three words: Passion, grow and move forward each day.

Who is your favourite all-time designer?

Couture Christian Dior 1950`s.

Booking information:

Instagram: @house_of_zed

Email: thehouseofzed15@gmail.com

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