Featured Fashion Stylist: Mickael Carpin

"I wanted to be a part of one of those publications that impose a rhythm and work more with international Artists, Girls or Boys in the music industry :)"

Mickael Carpin is such a down-to-earth guy, and we are so happy we found him! Mickael is a fashion designer with so much flair and creativity, it is absolutely amazing! He has shared his stories on how he became a designer, the difficulties he faced, and the people he always dreamed of meeting and eventually got to meet. Mickael has only just started his journey as a fashion designer, but he has already come so far. Please check out his awesome interview with us.

At what age did you start becoming fascinated with fashion?

I started becoming fascinated with fashion the day when I had the chance as a kid, to assist a Jean Paul Gaultier show "Haute Couture". The backstage energy, outfits and models blasted my eyes. My perception of beauty changed since this day.

How did you prepare for a career in styling?

I grew up seeing shows, photoshoots, events... and I always have gave a hand :) I was a shy kid, never talking but focused on everything around me. And my mentors, as I was an assistant for 4 years full, gave me what I call the Keys, to try to create my own vision regarding the trends.

How do you stay updated on the current trends?

Travelling, Looking, Sharing are the 3 words help me to stay updated on the currents trends :)

How important is Fashion Week for you?

I believe Fashion Week is the Starter. Designers share their trends with us, it's a privilege to be invited and get the energy provided by this intense and short moment.

What is your dream job?

I Would Love to be a CONDENAST Soldier :)

What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself taking your styling career?

I wanted to be a part of one of those publications that impose a rhythm and work more with international Artists, Girls or Boys in the music industry :)

Name the top three things in your styling kit that are must-haves?

My "Moodwoot X Thomas V" Hat, My "Dior Homme" Sunglasses, and "Saint Laurent Paris by Heidi Slimane" leather jacket :) they are with me everywhere!

Tell us your most unforgettable experience as a stylist?

I always dreamed to work with French Supermodel Noémie Lenoir. One day, got to a chance to introduce myself to her during an event. It was 5 short and long minutes at the same time. I feel lucky that we connected, and she gave me her personal phone number and her agent number also. 6 months later, I've been confirmed for an editorial with her where I am Creative Director and Stylist. I realised one of my dreams!

Who is your favourite all-time designer?

I can't choose between Jean Paul Gaultier and Azzedine Alaïa who are my Kings :)

Booking information:

N Management: info@nmgmt.de

Instagram: @mickaelcarpin

Facebook: Mickael Carpin (Styliste)

Website: www.mickael-carpin.com

Twitter: @mickaelcarpin

Email: mickaelcarpin@gmail.com

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