Featured Model: Roman Fischer

"I also wish to inspire others along the way that modeling is possible for others too."

@thatromeotho approached us via Instagram a couple of months ago, and we were impressed by his perseverance and determination to achieve his dream. And his dream is to be an international model. Roman wants to be seen, he wants to be recognised, and that is exactly what our platform does. Like he says, he loved modelling, and we wish him every success in his career. We hope you enjoy Roman's interview!

Tell us about yourself: Why do you want to work as a model? Why are you interested in modelling as a career?

I want to be a model because it makes me feel happy and confident. I am interested in modeling as a career because it is very fun: I enjoy posing in front of the camera, I like to meet new people, and to travel to new places. Basically, I'd love to do what I love for a living. :)

How important is modelling education: Have you attended modelling courses? What related courses or studies have you taken?

Modeling education is very important. I haven't really taken any modeling courses, but I've done a runway show and have had several photoshoots.

What do you think makes someone “fit” to be a model?

Depending on the type of modeling soneone's doing definitely determines what's expected of them. In all types of modeling though you need to be confident, friendly, punctual, and patient.

What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progressing in this field?

I want to do every type of modeling out there (except for nudes), travel far and wide to the best modeling locations, and to meet with other people. I see myself progressing in this field, by getting better at posing, and by getting my body even more toned.

What do you know about the advertisement industry, advertising psychology and photography?

I don't know a ton about the advertising industry, but I do know that it helps to include subliminal messages so you can expose your viewers to them. It helps make the viewer more willing to buy your product. And with photography I know a little more. I helps to have excellent lighting for each photo, make sure your white balance is balanced (to ensure that you get the best photos, & angles really matter for a breathtaking photo).

How do you communicate with people? Are you patient? Are you friendly? How open are you to clients’ requirements?

I communicate very well. I listen to instructions thoroughly and calmly. I'm very patient and friendly to others. I am happy to meet clients' requirements and to work things out. :)

Do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym?

I eat very healthy as I go without a single cheat day everyday and I don't even have cravings. I go to the gym 5-6 days a week.

What is your dream role as a model?

I hope to do a lot of different types of modeling so I can have some variety, but also hope to bring out the best in me in each type of modeling. I also wish to inspire others along the way that modeling is possible for others too.

Do you have any limitations? How do you define your boundaries when choosing to accept a modelling request?

I'm totally fine with any type of modeling even implied nude, but I just don't want to show nudes. Othe than nudes, I'm open to anything.

State your availability: Would you travel? Work full-time, part-time? Any hours?

I'm available every day so far. I'd be happy to travel, and work full-time. And I'd like to work any hours.

Tell us what's your memorable experience so far.

My most memorable modeling experience yet was when I had a photoshoot in Malibu, CA. The weather was amazing and the giant blue waves crashed behind me. It was a photoshoot to remember.

Website: http://romanfischer.weebly.com

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/thatromeotho Email: romanfischer501@gmail.com

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