Featured Model: Naomi Cole

"Every photographer teaches me something new and different."

Naomi is a perfect example of an amateur model who is doing all she can to make it big. She has already identified her niches as being bikini and fitness, and has been working tirelessly with her photographers to learn 'on the job'. She works on the philosophy that you have to get out there and try, if you want to succeed - just thinking or talking about it won't get you far.

We hope you enjoy this interview by the wonderful Naomi Cole!

Tell us about yourself: Why do you want to work as a model? Why are you interested in modelling as a career?

Hi my name is Naomi. Even as a little girl my favorite thing to do was play with my dress up clothes and pretend I was a princess waiting for a prince. Ariel (from Little Mermaid) and Bell (from Beauty and the Beast) were my favourite princesses.

As I grew up, friends would come over and we would change and do our makeup and take pictures of one another! Maybe it was something I loved to do more than they did. I decided maybe I should get into fashion design, but the course was cut from my school. Unfortunately they didn't have the budget to continue running it.

Who has helped you on your journey, and what lessons have you learned?

I got my degree in marketing/ sales, then worked in the corporate world and thought I would never really see the day where I would be in a magazine or posing in front of a camera. Until one day a photographer reached out and insisted that I get into modeling. His name is Kevin BK Photos Johnson on Facebook. I still go to him for advice all the time. Haven't shot with him yet because he is in Miami. We spoke several years back but reconnected earlier this year.

It was a good time since I was in between jobs and searching for the next chapter in my life! Every photographer teaches me something new and different and I admire the ones who are interested in doing something creative with me! The most valuable lesson I have learned is how to pose and be a good model, without taking any classes.

Do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym?

I'm the happiest I have ever been and I am trying to keep healthy and keep the athletic side of me. I'm aspiring to mostly be a fitness model, but I also love the bikini work as well! Hopefully in the future you will see more of how I keep healthy and what you can do as well! :)

Photo credits:

Joe Kenny, Will Miles (m4photography), Howard Christiansen

Instagram: @naomi.cole

Facebook: Naomi Cole Email: naomicole12@yahoo.com

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