August: People's Choice Award

Wow! It's been a month at Model Citizen App, receiving an abundance of incredible submissions from aspiring models, photographers, hair stylists, creative directors and fashion designers. We are so blown away by the amount of undiscovered talent out there, from people who are bound to be successful in the fashion industry. The common trait amongst these individuals who we featured is that they are determined and they haven't let anything get in the way of achieving what they have set out to accomplish.

We wanted to find out who you guys liked the most, based on whose interview responses you liked the most and found most valuable. From our survey of over 200 readers, they loved Sandro LifeArt's interview the most. In our prologue, we mentioned that Sandro has a million dollar face and body, and a billion dollar character. He sets a great example for everyone, the professionalism and dedication is so pervasive throughout his answers. Even though Sandro looks like a seasoned model, he only started this year, and couldn't get enough after his first shoot. Check our some of Sandro's photos below:

Sandro is in the running to be on the cover of Men's Health Magazine, and he has already received 1,797 votes at the time of writing. You can help him achieve his dream by throwing a vote his way here.

Be sure to follow Sandro on his road to fame on Instagram!

And if you haven't already checked out his interview, please do! Once again, congratulations Sandro, we wish you every success in your (new) modelling career.

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