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"So let's all keep our heads high and be proud of who we are. Our best is yet to come."

Many readers have had asked us a few times about who we are.

One day, when we were walking to the gym, we saw a mother with her young daughter, crying. We did not mean to pry, but we overheard their conversation.

"We have been trying so many times to get in to the modeling industry, and so far we have only succeeded once," the daughter said. "I know, but do not give up, you are only sixteen, and you are young and beautiful like your Mama, and soon, we will get there. We already spent everything we had, so why give up? Come on, stop crying." her mother attempted to cheer her up.

We looked at the young lady and she was divine! She had long, black, shiny hair. She was very tall, her body was petite, and her face was just so editorial- we thought of Ming Xi for a second. There's no way that the agencies missed this lady. We didn't understand how she had been missed- or worse, ignored.

After our exhausting gym session, we could not stop thinking about that lady. We somehow felt obliged to help her. And the thoughts kept coming in. How many models in that area have high potential but are yet to be recognized? How many of them could walk the runway and own those dresses? We started counting, and we searched Google for the number of models in the world. We were not satisfied with the findings. There did not appear to be many. So we used Instagram #model, and there were 68 million people using the hashtag at that time. Wow, 68 million! How many of those were aspiring, amateur, and experienced fashion models?

What happened to the rest of the people who used #model? We spoke that night about this website dea. Almost two weeks ago, we started creating an Instagram account for Model Citizen App. For the first few days, we were re-posting models' photos and a day later, we realized and learned that in the fashion industry, it's not just about the models. Fashion models, photographers, makeup artists, designers, hairstylists, creative directors, and bloggers have one thing in common- they are a community.

We came up with this vision:

"Modelling is an art. It's a passion. It's about being seen. At Model Citizen, we believe in recognizing all models, whether they are aspiring, amateur or experienced. Our vision is that every aspiring model can be seen, their talent shared, and their potential unearthed. Every model has to start from somewhere, and it takes an enormous of guts to put yourself out there for everyone to see. So many individuals show great potential, only to be thrown back time and time again. Often, all it takes is greater exposure, and that's what we're hoping to give you. We hope that you embrace our vision as we do, and join the rising force in the modelling industry. We also understand the immense importance of photographers, stylists, make-up artists, and creative directors in making the fashion industry a success. Without them, we wouldn't get to see the best side of our models. And finally, just in case you're wondering, we aren't agents."

We are with you. We are committed to sharing this vision with you. We thank you for your trust and compassion. We are grateful to you for sharing your answers, stories, photos, and information. Thank you for inspiring us. We love you.

There will be times that we face challenges, and our passion is tested. But we have to remember that passion is powerful. That no matter how many people question our abilities, our capabilities, we just need the support from the people we love, from the people who believe in us. So let's all keep our heads high and be proud of who we are. Our best is yet to come.

-XoXo, Model Citizen App Blogger

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