Model: Alec Golinger

We found Alec Golinger on Instagram, and we knew, this kid is going to be a huge star one day!

We contacted him on Instagram, and since he is not old enough to handle his account, we found out that it is still being managed by his mom, Lindy.

Lindy was a fantastic and kind woman. We told her our goal, and we started talking.

This article will be very useful to moms and dads who wants their kids to be modeling. She gave us so many valuable insights and pieces of advice that we would love to share with you.

Please check out our interview with her about Alec.

"Alec is extremely friendly and gregarious, I think most of the good child models are. But on a job he listens. He does not talk a lot. He listens to the photographer and he responds. He is patient on the job and does what he asked to do. If it is in a group of kids, he works as a team and does not try to be the center of attention."

Tell us a bout yourself and Alec. How did Alec get his interest in modeling and as a mom, how did you give him encouragement?

Alec is 11 years old based in Australia. He is a very athletic, hardworking, and a well-mannered kid. Everything he does he wants to do well at. This is Alec's nature. He loves animals, nature, all sports. He is also funny. I'm his mom Lindy. I have two boys. A year ago I asked Alec would he like to be on tv he said yes. So we went and found an agent. We met with a couple, and Alec chose who he wanted to go with.

It was more of an acting/modeling agency. It's important to let the kid choose the agent. Let them meet a few. They will get a gut feeling as to who believes in them. As a mom, you have to have some free time to manage your child/children. Castings are often last minute and always in school hours. As are the jobs. Moms do a lot of sitting around while the kids shoot and a lot of driving.

How important is modeling education: Has he attended modeling courses? What related courses or studies has he taken?

I don’t believe in modeling courses. Alec has never done one. Acting is a craft that needs to be practiced and taught strategies. For this a course is good. Modeling is about confidence, engaging with the camera, the photographer the crew, Selling the product you are wearing enjoying it. It's about being coming alive. Moving, laughing, communicating with the camera. So to be a model you need to be confident, smiley, take direction well. Many models are not so attractive, but they know how to engage with a camera. How to light up a room. It's about energy. Uplifting/engaging energy. A current that attracts people to you.

What do you think makes someone “fit” to be a model? What are Alec's goals as a model and you as a mom? How do you see him progressing in this field?

As a model, Alec does not have set goals. Realistically there are fit sizes for child models. Babies, size 4, size 10, and minimal size 12. After that it's quiet. You have to be realistic about this. We see him progressing in the acting arena. If he decides, he wants to continue as an adult model we have to reevaluate then.

What do you know about the advertisement industry, advertising psychology, and photography?

The advertising industry is an interesting beast. We support the industry and work with them regularly. Alec understands what fantasy is and what is the reality. The main thing we teach him is to be humble and not talk about his modeling too much. If people ask about it, he answers but in general, he will never talk about it. He is just a kid with a job. He knows the modeling job has an expiry date for everyone.

How do you communicate with people? Are you patient? Are you friendly? How open are you to clients’ requirements?

Alec is extremely friendly and gregarious I think most of the good child models are. But on a job he listens. He does not talk a lot. He listens to the photographer and he responds. He is patient on the job and does what he asked to do. If it is in a group of kids, he works as a team and does not try to be the center of attention.

Does Alec eat nutritiously? How do you balance his studies and modeling career?

Alec goes through phases with food. Sometimes he eats well sometimes he doesn’t. Because he does a lot of sport, he grazes a lot. He eats a lot of eggs, nuts, oats, rice. He does not have a huge appetite. It's hard to balance school/sport.acting and modeling. As his mom, this is my job to find the balance for him He often does his homework quite late at night or early in the morning. He may have to do work at lunch at school.

What is his dream role as a model? What do you aspire for him?

We don’t have aspirations for modeling or a dream role. We try not to make Alec think it is the be all and end all. He just does his best, and that’s what we focus on. He just wants to save money and have fun and learn. He has acting goals. To be in a film etc

Does Alec have any limitations? How do you define his boundaries when choosing to accept a modeling request?

Yes, he has boundaries and limitations for modelling. He would not do anything that he felt was wrong or that he felt uncomfortable with. Plus I am always in the room on a shoot. But he does do many things that may be uncomfortable. For example having 20 buckets of water spilled on his head for a commercial in the middle of winter.

State your availability: Would you travel? Work full-time, part-time? Any hours?

Alec is always available to work if he wants the job. We have gone interstate for a job, and he would be happy to work overseas,

For Alec: Tell us your most memorable experience in modeling so far?

Alec's most memorable job so far are the sports location shoots when he gets to model and does sport. He gets very happy about that. Scooter shoots, soccer, shoots, etc. He also loves when he does commercials and gets big buffet feasts as a kid he thinks that’s fun. He loves the friends he has made and worked with.

As a mom, what pieces of advice could you give to the parents reading this?

As a mom, the piece of advice I would give to other parents is this. If you have a child that wants to model the earlier, you start the better. Like I said it starts from babies and size 4. Pick an agency with integrity that is honest about what work is available and when. Be realistic about what to expect.

There are only a handful of kids in every size fit and age that are working regularly. Then they move on, and the next group moves up to the next fit. You have to market and manage your kids too It's teamwork with you and the agency. Pick an agency you trust. The moms have to do a lot of driving you have to be up for this. You have to make sure the kids don’t make it there focus. Otherwise, it's not good for their self-esteem. There are many knockbacks you have to roll with that.

If you want to contact Lindy for booking and inquiries, please send her an email. Alternatively, you can find Alec's Instagram account here.

Follow Alec on Instagram: @alecgolinger